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Mathlete 101

Get your Math basics on point with the help of Mr. Neelakantha Bhanu. Who holds 4 world records and 50 Limca records for being the fastest human calculator. Not only he will
help you to build your mathematical knowledge, but he will also help you to improve your Cognitive skills. Building skills like working memory, parallel thinking will not only make your child good at numbers but will also make them thrive in business and technology.

Bhanu has impacted over 2 Million students as of now. He believes that the improvement of Mathematical skill can cause a huge make-shift of a nation’s education composition and development. Did you know that Math is a part of our daily lives? It can help you calculate distance, do some quick calculations or ace a difficult game like Sudoku. Come as we will help you to learn all the tricks and tips of Maths

Mathlete 101 Course Highlights:

  • Learn from the World’s Fastest Human Calculator!
  • Understand applications of mathematics and excel in STEM Careers
  • Play Math Games
  • Become 2x quicker in speed
  • Experiential Math Learning
  • Achieve academic excellence and success in competitive exams

The best part about it is, that Mr. Neelkantha Bhanu is taking the workshop himself, which is being offered just FOR YOU!

Singhania Education Services Limited (SESL) extends this continuing journey in excellence in education. And as a logical transition Singhania Education Services Limited now transcends to adopt the latest digital platforms using State-of-the-Art technology in a pursuit to bring forth a valuable engagement.

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